Oregon Health & Science University


Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) has established a collaborative partnership with multiple universities in the U.S., designating itself as a premier study site for visits. This strategic alliance brings together the research expertise of all institutions, fostering a dedicated environment for the investigation and understanding of CADASIL. Through joint efforts, OHSU and the entire Consortium of sites aim to advance knowledge and contribute to the broader scientific community’s understanding of this rare and complex condition.

Photo of Dr. Helmi Lutsep of Oregon Health & Science University

Helmi Lutsep, MD

Position title: Site Principal Investigator

Email: Lutseph@ohsu.edu

Dr. Lutsep completed her medical degree and neurology residency at the Mayo Clinic. She pursued fellowships in behavioral neurology at the University of California, Davis and in cerebrovascular disease at Stanford University. Her clinical area of focus is stroke prevention and acute stroke treatment. Dr. Lutsep is Interim Chair and Professor and Dixon Term Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University.

Naomi Fortanell-Bautista

Position title: Clinical Research Coordinator

Email: fortanel@ohsu.edu